Other passions.

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Other passions.

Post  OLD_Lion on Fri Nov 05, 2010 5:05 pm

My too biggest hobbies are AOC and Heroclix. I try to spend time with my kids but Iam divorced so I am not with them as much as I wish. I love sports in particular football. I am a huge Alabama footbal fan. Huge. If you were at my house you wold know this as I have a lot of Alabama stuff throughout the house. I also pull for the Washington Redskins and Atlanta Braves.

I like going to movies and watching movies at home. On tv if not watching movies I am watching the History channel, sports, or a few select shows. I watch True Blood, Spartacus, Boardwalk Empire, Pawn Stars, The Event, Pickers, and Top Chef. I also watch Heroes but I have bought the complete seasons so I watch them back to back. Too bad it is ending. I also plan to buy the Smallville seasons and start watching them. I never watched those shows even though I was intrigued by them because I was on the road too much. Now I have a DVR and can watch what I what and when I want.

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